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April 25-26, 2018


7 Ways to Leverage Your Expertise into a Profitable Online Business

Hosted by Jennifer Barcelos + Sandy Connery
Co-Founders of Namastream + Soulful MBA

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Here's what you'll learn...


  1. How building a digital product can elevate your brand and reputation.

  2. How to adapt your professional skills into an online program or digital product that sells.

  3. How to organize your jumble of ideas into one clear offer.

  4. The basics (and common stumbling blocks) of online product design.

  5. How passive income really works.

  6. How to ensure that you've got product-market fit (i.e., you're creating something that people will actually pay for).

  7. How to leverage an online business to increase your revenue, while simultaneously decreasing your hours.

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We've helped over 800 clients start and grow businesses on the Internet. 

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We've got a few options for you to choose from:

Wednesday, April 25th
1:00 pm PST

Thursday, April 26th
10:00 am PST

Thursday, April 26th
7:00 pm PST


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We are SO excited to share what we've learned after leaving our traditional careers 5 years ago to pursue entrepreneurship.

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