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1-Year Membership to Soulful MBA Course + Community (the place to learn online business strategy and get your questions answered directly by us)

BONUS: 1-Year Annual Studio Plan to Namastream Software (the tool you use to reach your students online)

BONUS: Beta Launch Lab (our 21-day, step-by-step process for launching your first—or next—online offering)

BONUS: Make Room for Magic Course (learn how to simplify your life and make room for your business)

BONUS: Social Media Marketing with Intention Course (audio course + day-by-day guide for how to build an authentic following on social media)

BONUS: Namastream white glove support (seriously, this is priceless)

BONUS: Namastream Film School (learn how to film and edit professional-quality video)

What our Inner Circle Clients are saying...

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The complete package to take your dream of an online business from disjointed ideas to a well-executed launch.

What if it were possible to take your idea of an online offering and follow a clear actionable plan that shows you how to design, create, market, and launch it to the world (and it included the software to make it all happen)? Wouldn't that be amazing?

It's absolutely possible.

We've built the software, created the courses, and gathered the community.
It's called the INNER CIRCLE.


We're Jeni + Sandy (and we know our way around the Internet)

We left our careers in law and a clinical practice because we wanted the freedom and flexibility to live life on our terms and we felt the pull to be more present to our families. But we still felt drawn to contribute, to build, and to create.

We joined forces in 2015, and together we've built a software company, an online school, and a growing media business. It's our mission to help you take your expertise and create an online business so you can live life on your terms.

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“I’m so excited to be able to expand my offerings to online, while at the same time feeling more empowered and self-reliant with my own business and teachings. I know it wouldn’t be possible without the support of Namastream and the Soulful MBA.”

Jenny Finkel | Yoga Teacher


What You Get:

The Inner Circle gives you access to comprehensive online business training, videography and video editing tutorials, tactical marketing skills, a dynamic and like-minded community of your peers, and an annual studio subscription to the Namastream online learning platform, so you’ll have everything you need to begin to teach and scale your business online. 



A $1,790 VALUE!

THE place to build your online business, host your videos, sell your workshops, courses, and private/group sessions via live-streaming. Namastream takes payments and integrates with tools like Stripe, PayPal, Mailchimp, and Convert Kit. It's your one-stop-shop for running an online business.

1-YEAR access to Soulful MBA Course + Community:

A $1,997 VALUE!

An online training course with easy-to-understand video-based trainings on videography, online marketing, social media, and business, plus a soulful, supportive community and 2 live group coaching call per month.


Are you a good fit? 

Are you a self-starter, go-getter, and action-taker? Do you want a roadmap that shows you the exact next steps to take in your business and gives you clear, comprehensive direction?

You've come to the right place.

You don't want to waste months (or years) floundering around and googling answers to your questions. You want to learn from professionals, be surrounded by other ambitious and grounded entrepreneurs, and approach your online business with a proven system.


What's the investment?

The total cost of the Inner Circle would be over $16,000 if bought separately.

You can join today for $2,497.

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The Namastream Online Learning Platform

Teach online to anyone from anywhere

The online home for your business, where you can upload your videos, sell your workshops, courses, and private or group sessions via live-streaming. Namastream takes payments and integrates with tools like Stripe, PayPal, Mailchimp, YouTube, Vimeo, and ConvertKit. Go from idea to open-for-business in just minutes.

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What is Soulful MBA?

Soulful MBA is much more than a “how-to” program

It’s also an implementation program.

We've created a program to take you from idea to a fully-launched, “bringing-in-money” teaching business.

How does it work? Well, we’ve broken up the program into 6 different phases. You’ll receive a course syllabus, which clearly outlines which lessons to complete, where (and what) to post on social media, who to follow for inspiration and motivation, what to read and, most importantly, what next step to take in your business at each critical phase in your online business journey.

soulful mba roadmap

Phase 1 - Build Your Foundation

Create a rock solid business foundation by discovering your core values and ensuring your new entrepreneur endeavours won’t compromise your character or ideals. We’ll also train you in our 6 powerful mindset lessons, giving you an edge in business (and life). This often overlooked ground work will set you up for long term success.

soulful mba roadmap

Phase 2 - Develop Your Voice

Discover how to speak and write confidently in your true, authentic voice and reach the people who need you most. Our copywriting and email list building lessons will have you scaling your online presence on various social channels and planning your compelling email marketing campaigns.

Phase 3 - Create Your Offering

Examine and select your ideal revenue model, design the perfect online product and start crafting your offering. Our Namastream Film School is your crash course on all-things videography and makes recording your teaching a breeze.


Phase 4 - Excite Your Audience

Build excitement about your offering by telling the world what’s about to arrive. Use our nurturing email sequence to get your students excited and ready to purchase. Learn how to connect with key influencers and continue to build your list (and excitement). If you do this step right, there’s a good chance you might end up with a wait-list for your offering before it’s officially launched (and maybe a few early sales… yes, that’ possible).

Phase 5 - Launch Your Offering

It’s launch time! You are ready to release your creation into the world and the most exciting part is your students are primed and eager to click your ‘Buy’ button. Celebrate each sale but don’t lose focus and momentum now. We’ll show you how to work closely with your first group of students to perfect your offering and marketing system.


Phase 6 - Fine Tuning

You’ve created something amazing and now it’s time to fine tune the process and begin to scale. You’ll reflect on what you learned, refine areas that could have gone better and replicate what went well. You’ll also learn about paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest so you can grow your business into whatever you’d like.

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+ How long is the Soulful MBA Program?

Once you're enrolled, you'll have one year of access to the lessons (and all future lessons that we create for the course during that timeframe). There are 85+ videos that range from a few minutes to over an hour. We created it knowing that you have a busy life and will watch the lessons in fits and starts, based on what you need to master at any given stage of your business. We continually add new lessons to keep you up to date on current trends and best practices in online marketing.

+ How is Soulful MBA organized?

The course is divided into six modules that build upon each other. We also have a community component, where you can connect with your peers.

+ I'm not very technical. Can I still join?

There isn't a single soul who joined us and shouted "I'm SO techy". And yet we have hundreds of successful entrepreneurs take the course and use our software. If you know your way around your iPhone and can upload a video to Facebook you're golden. You are fully capable of figuring it out - plus you've got us and a whole community behind you when questions arise.

+ How many hours will I need to invest every week?

It's a self-paced program so there are no minimum hours required. However, we do find the students that take consistent daily action are the ones who really take off.

+ Do I need to have a business in the yoga space?

Absolutely not. We have life coaches, Pilates instructors, martial arts coaches, meditation and spiritual teachers and leadership coaches join Soulful MBA. We welcome anyone who wants to build a business on the internet. It's true that our roots are in yoga but we've expanded and now work with anyone who is ambitious, determined and has something to teach.

+Can I really do this?

Yes! We believe in you! If you are reading these FAQs there must be a strong inner drive to build something on the internet. We've created the technology and all the training to get you up and running (and profitable) quickly. You just need to add your brilliance.

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“It was an exciting launch and thanks to the Inner Circle I had Namastream to use and a whole lot more understanding of what to do and how to prepare for the launch. Thanks to you for making this all happen and giving me all of your support. ”

Deddou Burkhardt | yoga teacher