So that you can...

With our soulful community

We believe that you are going to accomplish more and get there faster if you have the right people around you. We are collecting them for you (you’re welcome!). We attract ambitious, kind, authentic, driven changemaking entrepreneurs who want to make an impact in this world — who want to build something because they believe they can make a difference in people’s lives. They’re ambitious — just like you. We don’t build businesses just to make money, and neither do our clients. We come to this project after decades of work in public service, including working alongside multiple Nobel Peace Prize winners. We’re the real deal. Money is a powerful form of energy exchange, but that’s really all that it is. A tool.

with real live mentors

In addition to amazing community members, we’ve loaded the MBA with some rock-star entrepreneurs who have found their groove in the online world. They have experience with email list building, social media, content creation, videography, and much, much more. But the most important part? They are inside the membership available to you. Some are permanent; others will be rotating through. Their job is to help you get unstuck and moving forward. Isn’t it comforting to have someone to turn to?

with easy-to-follow trainings

Our goal is not to overload you with endless hours of training filled with unnecessary content and extraneous strategies that make us look brainy, but only serve to overwhelm you. We’ve designed the trainings with you in mind. They are quick, clear, and full of information that you can implement right away (in bite-sized pieces) to build your dream business.

with language you understand

There is no point using sales funnels, integration, churn, and conversion talk if our actual clients (ahem…you) won’t understand any of it, right? Within the MBA, we choose to engage with simple and clear language and save the geeky startup jargon for the rest of the Internet. We’d rather use words like authenticity, joy, positivity, flow, and maybe a few Congratulations, on that sale! or OMG you did it! tossed in for good measure.

with a road map

Navigating the online business world is in a word – confusing! Should you start filming a lesson, post more frequent on social media or buy Facebook ads? Follow our syllabus and you’ll always know exactly what you should be focusing on.

with tech made easy

You know you’ll have to dive into technology a little bit, right? It is an online business, after all. But we take the complex things and break them down into clear, actionable steps. And if you still don’t get it, you know what? It’s a community so someone is always there to help clear things up. Here’s the thing… Technology is a major currency of power in our society. If you choose to harness some of that power, amazing things will start to happen. This is the future. Now. You’re in it. We’ll show you how we’ve been able to use technology to accomplish goals that we didn’t even dare to dream just a few short years ago. Surrounded by people that think like you, talk like you, and are ready and willing to keep you accountable to your goals, what could you dare to accomplish?