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Leverage Your Expertise into a Profitable Online Business

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soulful mba

Create and Grow the Impactful + Profitable Business You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Leave the paralyzing overwhelm, confidence crushing uncertainty, and terrifying tech hangups behind for good.

AND do it all with a soulful, supportive community cheering you on!

If you’re a yoga teacher, wellness professional, nonprofit visionary, or healer — and you’re looking to generate more income and reach a wider audience — you probably already know that you need to learn the ins and outs of growing your online presence. After all, you’ve probably heard that taking your work online is the best way to leverage your time and impact more people.

This is your invitation to get started on that dream. soulful MBA Course + Community – $1,997


An online business?

It’s my Dream!

Where in the world do I start?


Perhaps you started dreaming about the freedom you’d have with an online business and promised yourself that this was the year. You’ve imagined what it would be like to have your teachings and trainings organized and delivered to satisfied clients all over the globe.

And, of course, you’d love some extra revenue flowing into your business.

Maybe you’ve even mentioned your dream to a few friends and family members, designed a gorgeous logo, created a basic website, and imagined how it would feel to sit back and watch the sales come in.

Here’s why most would-be ONLINE entrepreneurs abandon their digital dream:

Beyond a logo and a website, the next steps just aren’t that clear. How exactly do you bring your content online and how do you spread the word? These fears cause so many budding entrepreneurs to put their businesses on hold (sometimes forever).

Does any of this sound familiar?

You are already busy with teaching and coaching current clients and trying to keep your existing business afloat. In addition, you’re making school lunches, shuttling your kiddos around, trying to be attentive to your partner, nurturing your friendships, doing your best to cook and prepare healthy meals, folding (what can only be described as mountains of) laundry, and attempting to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That’s a lot.

And your dreams always seem to be second to what someone else needs in the moment.

Or maybe you suffer from a deep and paralyzing overwhelm. You have big goals for your business, but you just do not have a clue about what the next actionable step should be.

When you’re stuck, you don’t know where to turn short of spending serious money on hiring an expensive (and somewhat intimidating) tech guru. The dream gets put on hold. But the exciting news is that getting back on track and honoring yourself and your dreams is very, very do-able.


Want to know something really exciting?

If you’re reading this page, you’re ahead of the curve. Our culture is moving more and more towards connectivity online and just about every business will be expected to serve clients on demand.   But as long as you can avoid the common mistakes that stop most would-be online entrepreneurs, the dream is there to achieve. Bigger audience, more impact, and a new revenue stream. It’s all possible. The path to your dream is rooted in community. Here’s your invitation into that community.

soulful mba testimonial

“I’m so excited to be able to expand my offerings to other platforms, while at the same time feeling more empowered and self-reliant with my own business and teachings. I know it wouldn’t be possible without the support of Team Namastream and the Soulful MBA.”

Jenny Finkel | Yoga Teacher


Why Did We Make This?


We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from creating and scaling two software companies, consulting and strategizing with hundreds of yoga teachers and studios (from celebrities to brand new teachers), founding nonprofits and selling businesses, juggling motherhood, our own yoga practices and teacher trainings, and channelled it into the Soulful MBA.

The biggest lesson we’ve learned, after hundreds of thousands of dollars spent of education, is the importance of community and social accountability. Community is built into our human DNA and it is an essential component when we are working outside of our comfort zone (hmmm… perhaps like taking your business online?).

A strong community of like-minded peers offers resources and opportunities for celebration, connection, collaboration, inspiration, and sometimes even some I-need-someone-who-understands-what-I’m-trying-to-do emotional support.

We wanted to build something more adaptive, and with deeper roots. We wanted to create an evolving, living, growing community — a tight, supportive tribe. A movement.

Soulful MBA is a how-to course with a collection of over 85 simple but powerful video trainings combined with an open, warm, and business-savvy crew to help you evolve from a teacher/trainer/coach to a full-fledged entrepreneur.


soulful mba online business

The first business training program built with you in mind...

With our soulful community

We believe that you are going to accomplish more and get there faster if you have the right people around you. We are collecting them for you (you’re welcome!). We attract kind, authentic, driven changemaking entrepreneurs who want to make an impact in this world — who want to build something because they believe they can make a difference in people’s lives. They’re healers — just like you. We don’t build businesses just to make money, and neither do our clients. We come to this project after decades of work in public service, including working alongside multiple Nobel Peace Prize winners. We’re the real deal. Money is a powerful form of energy exchange, but that’s really all that it is. A tool.

with real live mentors

In addition to amazing community members, we’ve loaded the MBA with some rock-star wellness entrepreneurs who have found their groove in the online world. They have experience with email list building, social media, content creation, videography, and much, much more. But the most important part? They are inside the membership available to you. Some are permanent; others will be rotating through. Their job is to help you get unstuck and moving forward. Isn’t it comforting to have someone to turn to?

with easy-to-follow trainings

Our goal is not to overload you with endless hours of training filled with unnecessary content and extraneous strategies that make us look brainy, but only serve to overwhelm you. We’ve designed the trainings with you in mind. They are quick, clear, and full of information that you can implement right away (in bite-sized pieces) to build your dream business.

with language you understand

There is no point using sales funnels, integration, churn, and conversion talk if our actual clients (ahem…you) won’t understand any of it, right? Within the MBA, we choose to engage with simple and clear language and save the geeky startup jargon for the rest of the Internet. We’d rather use words like authenticity, joy, positivity, flow, and maybe a few Congratulations, on that sale! or OMG you did it! tossed in for good measure.

with a road map

Navigating the online business world is in a word – confusing! Should you start filming a lesson, post more frequent on social media or buy Facebook ads? Follow our syllabus and you’ll always know exactly what you should be focusing on.

with tech made easy

You know you’ll have to dive into technology a little bit, right? It is an online business, after all. But we take the complex things and break them down into clear, actionable steps. And if you still don’t get it, you know what? It’s a community so someone is always there to help clear things up. Here’s the thing… Technology is a major currency of power in our society. If you choose to harness some of that power, amazing things will start to happen. This is the future. Now. You’re in it. We’ll show you how we’ve been able to use technology to accomplish goals that we didn’t even dare to dream just a few short years ago. Surrounded by people that think like you, talk like you, and are ready and willing to keep you accountable to your goals, what could you dare to accomplish?

Here’s Your Soulful Roadmap:

Soulful MBA is much more than a “how-to” program

It’s an implementation program so you actually have a launched,“bringing-in-money” teaching business.

How does it work? Well, we’ve broken up the training into 6 different phases. You’ll receive a syllabus for each phase, which clearly outlines what lessons to complete, where (and what) to post on social media, who to follow for inspiration and motivation, what to read and, most importantly, what your next step is in your business.

soulful mba roadmap

Phase 1 - Build Your Foundation

Create a rock solid business foundation by discovering your core values and ensuring your new entrepreneur endeavours won’t compromise your character or ideals. Learn who you are best meant to serve by identifying your quintessential client and, using our unique technique, discover what she really needs from you in your new online role. We’ll also train you in our 6 powerful mindset lessons, giving you an edge in business (and life). This often overlooked ground work will set you up for long term success.

soulful mba roadmap

Phase 2 - Develop Your Voice

Discover how to speak and write confidently in your true, authentic voice and reach the people who need you most. Our copywriting and email list building lessons will have you scaling your online presence on various social channels and planning your compelling email marketing campaigns (and feeling pretty awesome because it’s so easy to write as yourself). You’ll quickly find a rhythm to consistently posting original and meaningful content.

Phase 3 - Create Your Offering

Examine and select your ideal revenue model and start crafting your offering. Our Namastream Film School is your crash course on all-things videography and makes recording your teaching a breeze.


Phase 4 - Excite Your Audience

Build excitement about your offering by telling the world what’s about to arrive. Use our nurturing email sequence to get your students excited and ready to purchase. Learn how to connect with key influencers and continue to build your list (and excitement). If you do this step right, there’s a good chance you might end up with a wait-list for your offering before it’s officially launched (and maybe a few early sales… yes, that’ possible).

Phase 5 - Launch Your Offering

It’s launch time! You are ready to release your creation into the world and the most exciting part is your students are primed and eager to click your ‘Buy’ button. Celebrate each sale but don’t lose focus and momentum now. We’ll show you how to work closely with your first group of students to perfect your offering and marketing system.


Phase 6 - Fine Tuning

You’ve created something amazing and now it’s time to fine tune the process and begin to scale.You’ll reflect on what you learned, refine areas that could have gone better and replicate what went well. You’ll also learn about paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest so you can grow your business into whatever you’d like.

soulful mba testimonial

“Your program was the catalyst for a variety of things for me. First, it gave me a ton of ideas for posting on my Instagram and Facebook business pages. Then, using the graphic design tools you suggested, I overhauled my website. And lastly, with my newfound confidence, I created some promotional materials and I have never promoted myself like that before! Being a part of this course knocked the intimidation factor down for me and I have now created an actual online course that has been my goal for years. Thank you for the nudge to continue doing things I was afraid of doing.”

Anne Talhelm | photographer & yoga teacher


This is your invitation to get started on that dream.

Soulful MBA Course + Community – $1,997

Reward your decision to expand and grow your business online by enrolling in the only comprehensive program designed to take you from having an idea about teaching online to successfully launching your first (or next!) course or program.

What exactly is Soulful MBA?

Soulful MBA is a premium training course and community for small business owners like yoga teachers, studio owners, health coaches, nutritionists, fitness and pilates instructors, and anyone who dreams of growing her wellness business online. The MBA program combines tactical trainings that teach you the HOW of online business within a warm and engaged community of your peers. If you do healing work in the world and have dreamed of scaling your business online, this is where you belong.

We chose to combine a training program with a community because we think it’s a whole lot easier to learn and implement in a supportive community. The Soulful MBA site is your learning hub for online trainings, and more importantly, it is a place to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. And do you know what happens when soulful entrepreneurs come together to inspire and motivate each other? Magic. New businesses are created that can have a meaningful impact in this world.


Here's what's included:

Layer 6.png

A comprehensive syllabus, so you know exactly which lessons to tackle and which specific actions to take in your business at each phase. And we mean really specific (as in sign up for this tool, read this book and listen to these lessons).

Layer 7.png

It's important to connect with like-minded and similarly situated new online entrepreneurs. Real people having real conversations in real time. You also get access to the two of us a few times per month through virtual co-working, new workshops, and hot-seats.

Layer 8.png

Access to our exclusive Film School ( 9 easy-to-follow modules on how to produce and film great video).

Layer 10.png

New workshop are held monthly to help you keep up with the latest trends in social media and online business.

soulful mba testimonial

“It is such a joy to work with Jeni and Sandy. They operate from a place of high integrity. Their focus is to create a place of community and support and see others grow. While working with them, they’ve encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and promote my brand in ways I’d not been willing to prior, which has resulted in me doing more of it, with more exposure for my work. They also shared tools and insights that made it easy and fun. I love what they’ve created and am so happy to be a part of it!”

Leigh Espy | Founder, Project Bliss


The Soulful MBA membership allows you to:


Always know what your next step is and never spend a moment in uncertainty.


Receive quick feedback on your question — whether it’s a small thing (Do you like this logo?) — or a bigger, more strategic issue (Should I go online full time?)

Form valuable friendships and partnerships that can lead to collaboration in unanticipated and unexpected ways.


Reach your goals quicker and with greater ease, because you’ll be benefiting from our collective years of experience, mistakes, and discoveries.

Honor your work and give yourself permission.

You have dreamed of this for a long time. You deserve this.

You don’t need to wait until you have it all mapped out. You don’t need to wait until you have a bigger following. You don’t need to wait until you figure out exactly what your business looks like. Don’t wait until everything lines up perfectly for you. The dirty secret is that it won’t. Ever. Everything is probably about as lined up as it will ever get. The uncertainty is a necessary part of the process. We invite you into our soulful community to help you create a profitable and impactful online business. As you are now. Today. Amazing, right? You hold your own permission slip.

→ Leverage the community and the collective experience of all the members. Together we can do great things. Really, really, really great things.

→ Stay on track by following the six-part syllabus and immersing yourself in the community.

→ Learn what you need to grow and scale you business with quick, actionable videos.

→ Guaranteed hand-holding as you navigate through every imaginable step into online entrepreneurship. We've happily got your back.

→ Develop your skills with software platforms such as Canva, Mailchimp, Namastream, and more!

→ There is no hard-stop to a community. It's a living entity with no end in site. Trainings are created and added constantly and are based on what the membership requests.

The Soulful MBA is for you if you...


→ Have clients constantly asking about how they can access your teaching or services online, but you have to sheepishly admit that you have nothing available YET...

→ Feel excited about the idea of expanding your practice beyond your immediate community.

→ Are bursting with content and teaching ideas, but you don't know how to package and deliver it out into the world.

→ Have checked out a few online business courses, but they're too expensive and feel, well... a bit daunting.

→ Long for someone to help, guide, and advise you on how to build this dream business.

→ Desire a successful, profitable business, but only if you can build it in an ethical and authentic way.

You have a home in the Soulful MBA

Still have questions?

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