Six Strategies for Growing Your Business with ConvertKit

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ConvertKit is a powerful, easy-to-use email marketing tool that has helped our company grow and expand beyond our wildest dreams. Today, we want to share some remarkably effective ways to make ConvertKit work for your business. But first let’s chat about …

Why ConvertKit is our top pick for email marketing

ConvertKit was built by bloggers, for bloggers so the site’s programmers know exactly what’s needed to grow a successful online business. They’ve made some sleek tweaks as the platform has grown, so everything feels modern and intuitive. ConvertKit exists to help you grow your audience, automate emails, and organize and understand your subscribers. It costs $29/month for up to 1,000 subscribers with higher pricing tiers based on list size, but we feel it’s well worth the investment.

Here are a few of our favorite ConvertKit features:

  • Simple dashboard reporting that tracks subscriber info and opt-in conversions
  • Easy-to-embed, customizable opt-in forms that can turn casual readers into repeat customers
  • A drag-and-drop sequence builder that ensures automated emails feel personalized
  • A subscriber-centric platform that means you only pay for subscribers once, and can organize them into a single list with tags and segments 
  • Powerful workflows with foolproof “if this, then that” automations
  • Outstanding customer support

If you value customization, ConvertKit will make you SO happy. You can build countless custom forms, create tailored messages for new and existing subscribers based on their actions, and ensure that specific activities always trigger a related response. All of this adds up to an email experience that feels personalized and human.

Six simple ways to leverage ConvertKit’s superpowers

Clearly, we’re big fans of ConvertKit’s versatility and efficacy. But let’s talk scenarios; How can this tool make an online business owner's workload more streamlined and efficient?

Increase open rates through resending: You work hard to craft email content that’s useful and unique, so your heart breaks a little whenever your open rates plummet. ConvertKit recognizes that some emails simply get missed by recipients, so they’ve built in a button—“Resend to unopens”—that resends your most recent email to folks who haven’t opened it yet. Use this feature with caution, since constant resending may result in unsubscribes. But when you’ve sent a crucial communication that’s languishing unopened in more than 50% of your list’s inboxes, this tool is the perfect one-click solution.

Send blog posts via email: ConvertKit allows you to connect your RSS feed and email your latest blog posts to your entire list! Send posts as they go live or collect them into a weekly digest. You’ll find this feature in the RSS tab of ConvertKit’s automations.

Build autoresponder sequences: Whenever a new subscriber joins your list, you’re presented with the opportunity to cultivate that person as a potential client. You may have a sign-up incentive all ready to rock, and send that automatically … but then what? If the new subscriber adores your free content and is hungry for more, but weeks or months fly by and you don’t reconnect, your work may become a distant memory. Instead, use ConvertKit to create a sequence of emails that auto-send after set periods of time. A week after sign-up, an email with one of your most beloved blog posts arrives in your new subscriber’s inbox. After three weeks, they’re invited to join a free webinar. Your engagement soars, and you’ve hooked this new person for good.

Utilize strategic tagging: Ever noticed how some companies seem to magically email you about topics and products featured in your recent daydreams? Chances are they’re using ConvertKit’s tagging feature to read your thoughts. When enabled, this tool tags every user who clicks a particular link trigger embedded in batch-sent emails. You can use the data collected from these subscriber actions to gauge list members’ interests, which allows you to send them more of what they want to see and less of what they don’t.

Keep your list healthy: Sadly, some subscribers will never fully engage with your content, and others might tire of it after a while. ConvertKit helps you weed out these folks by identifying them as “cold subscribers,” list members who haven’t opened any of your emails in 90 days. A proactive best-practice is to reach out to these folks with some tailored content to investigate, then determine if they can be re-engaged or should be removed. Doing this benefits you both: The subscriber feels valued and appreciates being asked for input, and you can prune your list down to people who are truly interested in your work. Since maintaining a large email list can get costly, losing the dead weight can save you money.

Set up evergreen launches: The typical launch cycle is labor-intensive and time-consuming, not something you can keep going year-round. If you have offerings that aren’t linked to a time of year or specific event, ConvertKit allows you to set up evergreen sales sequences for those offerings. Attach a bonus or expiring discount to your evergreen launch, and voilà, potential buyers are instantly motivated!

Have we given you enough reasons to consider making the switch to ConvertKit?

(We LOVE and use ConvertKit everyday. This post contains affiliate links, but we would not promote if we didn’t wholeheartedly believe in the product.)