How an Oregon Yoga Studio Found the Sweet Spot Between In-person and Virtual Classes

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There is nothing more inspiring for us than peeking at the inner workings of what teachers and studio owners are building on our platform. Why did they start teaching online? How do they structure their programs? What have they learned? What is their big vision?

Jennifer Pahl, founder of Twist Yoga, recently chatted with us about her decision to go online and her experience with using Namastream.

Jennifer's rationale for joining Namastream is clear and compelling — “What we really want to do through our online studio—our big vision—is just to continue fueling happiness through connection, and support our yoga students.” — and Jennifer is absolutely achieving this mission.

Both at her brick-and-mortar studio (just south of Portland, Oregon) and through Twist’s online classes, she makes sure that everything looks and feels welcoming, uplifting, and empowering. She works with students to nourish their minds through meditation, their bodies through yoga, and their spirits through a strong sense of community. Jennifer believes that to truly achieve optimal health and happiness, all three of these elements must connect.

In addition to cultivating a refreshing focus on positivity, Jennifer has steered her studio in an interesting strategic direction; she leverages online classes to supplement her studio's in-person classes.

“For years people asked us to offer online classes so they could practice with their favorite teachers while on vacation, or traveling for work, or if they had sick kids at home. We just never could figure out how to do it."

"Then...we came across Namastream and it was the perfect platform. What we really wanted to do was find that combination, that sweet spot between in-person and virtual.”

With that in mind, Twist offers free online classes to anyone who buys an unlimited membership to the studio, and they're working on some in-person workshops that will include a virtual component. (They’re starting with a handstand class!)

“It will be an online class that you take, and if you live locally you'll have the option to add an in-studio workshop with the teacher. We'll also have a VIP version where you can get a half-hour private session with the handstand teacher.”

Next up? A prenatal and birth class, which will be a combination in-studio and virtual class, and then on to hybrid meditation workshops. Jennifer firmly believes that giving her students the flexibility to come to class AND practice at home is essential.

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“I’ve gotten some really beautiful feedback from people practicing at home with a toddler,” she says. “Others talk about having a teen who sees what mom or dad is doing, and then joins in and experiences a little yoga or mindfulness. Having family members—or even a little, furry, four-legged friend—along for class is something they don’t get in the studio.”

The way Jennifer sees it, integrating online classes with her studio offerings just makes more sense than opening another brick-and-mortar location.

It’s a better investment of time and money, and it enables her entire staff to engage more fully with their students.

“I'm extremely thankful that I found Namastream. Online teaching is another vehicle for us to connect to our current students (and to potential students) to help fuel more happiness in their lives,” Jennifer explains. “And who couldn't use a little more happiness, right?”

You can check out Twist's Namastream site here.

Jennifer Barcelos