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Do you feel called to create an online offering, but wish that someone could build it with you?


Introducing a 21-day custom tailored service that takes you from idea to launch with two seasoned founders by your side.


An Overview of the Bespoke Experience


Your Product Launched

Reduce your decisions (+ stress) and save time by working with us to design, brand, and price your first product. Feel confident that it's done and it's done right!

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Done-for-You Tech

We'll grab the tech reins and customize your new Namastream site. We'll integrate your email provider, help set up your payment system, and even install your Facebook pixel. Our website audit will ensure you're in a ready-for-launch state.

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Content Created

Our minds are good at finding excuses to avoid hitting the record button. Learn how to capture your expertise on camera and in your content, while being supported by us.

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Inner Circle membership

All bespoke clients are also part of our Inner Circle, which includes a 1-year subscription to the Namastream Software platform, lifetime membership to the Soulful MBA course + community, and our Make Room for Magic course (all about productivity and efficiency).


Email Nurture Sequence

Email is still queen! Together we'll craft a 3-part email nurture sequence that sounds like you and sells your new offering! Your new opt-in sequence will be up and running.

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A Custom Marketing Plan

After our 3 weeks together, we'll leave you with a customized marketing plan for the rest of the year! We'll give you a step-by-step guide so you can continue to ride the momentum and grow something really special.



After we review your detailed intake form, we'll schedule your six strategy sessions and get you booked for your two bonus sessions with KayLee and our designer. Ready for the best part? You'll also have your own private Slack group with us! During your three weeks, you'll have direct access to us and can message and even ask questions in between your sessions.  All conversations, advice, links, directions, and files will remain in your very own Slack page. When we're done with our sessions, you retain access to your Slack page (and the mountain of information in contains) forever. (It's seriously the best business souvenir you could imagine.)


Session 01


In our kick-off session , we'll work to uncover your core values (because knowing who you are will ensure that you are never compromising your character or ideals as you begin to grow). Next we'll identify your quintessential client and exactly what she/he really needs from you in your new online role. Knowing who you are and who you're serving will allow the product creation and marketing to fall into place. 

Session 02


Let's uncover your voice and get clear on how you should show up publicly online. We'll find the method of communication that is easiest and most effective for you and identify which social platforms you should (and shouldn't) be on. We'll dive into what kind of email sequence we need to create, discuss opt-ins for your website, and plan out your next phase of social media strategy.

Session 03


In the third session, we're focussing on the content you plan to teach and how to transform it into an online product. We'll first help you outline and structure your offer, then we'll nail down your pricing. After this session, it will be time to create your content, so we'll review your gear, suggest your filming location(s), advise on your lighting and sound, and address any other I'm-nervous-to-record concerns. You'll leave this session crystal clear on how to create your online offering and you'll be hyper-focussed on getting it done! 

Session 04


This session os all about building public excitement around your new offering. We will help you implement your new nurturing email sequence, which should prime your audience to purchase. We'll review different strategies for how to best to build your email list and turn strangers or casual acquaintances into warm leads. We're aiming for you to have a wait-list for your new offering!

Session 05


It's time to release your brand new program out into the world! Your people are now primed and eager to click the BUY button. Together, we'll decide on the best launch strategy for your unique strengths and help you plan and implement it. We’ll show you how to work closely with your first group of paying clients to perfect your offering for next time. 

Session 06


In this last session, we'll celebrate your initial launch and help you make a solid plan for moving forward. We'll review what worked and fine tune the process so you can take what you've created and use it to GO BIG in your business. You’ll also receive our expert guidance on paid marketing options (including Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Promoted Pins) so you can grow your offering quickly and efficiently moving forward.




Lumina Portrait

You'll work with KayLee Hansen from KayH Consulting to complete your very own Lumina Spark psychometric portrait. It's basically the best and most comprehensive personality test on the planet. You'll discover your strengths and potential blind spots and gain a framework for better understanding yourself as an entrepreneur. 

Brand Audit

You'll receive a creative strategy session and brand audit, where our team will take a thorough look at your current brand and web presence to see what is and isn't working for you. You will leave the session with practical suggestions for how to make changes to better capture the attention of your audience.

The Bespoke Experience also includes...

When you become a Bespoke client, you'll receive immediate access to Soulful MBA, our signature online business course, as well as your very own customized Namastream online teaching site. You'll become a member of our Inner Circle, and you'll have everything you need to begin to teach and scale your business online. 


Are you a good fit? 

The Bespoke Experience was created for you if you realize that the next logical step in your career is to expand your work online. You want a proven plan with clear actionable steps so that you can launch your new online product or program effectively, efficiently, and with confidence. You don't want to waste your time.

You're a master at your craft and you appreciate working with mentors and co-creators who are masters at theirs.


What's the investment?

You can reserve your spot today with a 50% deposit of $2,850.

The total investment for The Bespoke Experience is $5,700.

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Have Questions?

We're happy to jump on a quick call to help determine if the Bespoke Experience is right for you.